About Resistant History

With “Resistant History” Caitlin Horsmon aims to reframe political reform as a local activity by collecting stories of progressive change in the Kansas City area and making them available via the web to educators, citizens and artists. Resistant History will map sites of change in the history of our region through the creation of a group of films, a collection of documentation, and a series of neighborhood “tours” that engage the viewer in the urban environment. It will counterbalance a cultural focus on national elections and politics, by reminding its participants and audiences that our greatest political power may be local and personal.

Contact Us

Use the contact form or send email to horsmonc@gmail.com

Do you want to start a Resistant History website where you live?

Some people find the prospect of building a website daunting, or perhaps lack the technical skills to make it happen. For those reasons, we built this site with an eye toward sharing.

The Platform

Resistant History is built on the popular WordPress blogging platform. Free and open-source, WordPress is perhaps the easiest way to get a modern, fully-functional and attractive website up and running quickly. It is used by many of the most popular sites on the Web.


Plugins provide additional functionality to a WordPress installation. There are thousands to choose from. See the list of plugins used on this site if you would like to duplicate what we have done.


Resistant History uses the MYgRID2 theme, minimally customized.

2 Responses

  1. What a great project — and so badly needed! Kansas City needs inspiring stories that encourage progressive change. I look forward to seeing your programs, and wish you every success.

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