Freedom Is Now: The History of Freedom Incorporated – Excerpt

Directed by Emiel Cleaver

Freedom Is Now: The History of Freedom Incorporated, is the story about the oldest African American political organization in the country, Freedom Inc. Freedom Incorporated was founded by African American icons who sought political self determination for a black community that had increasingly become frustrated with the lack of civil rights and political irrelevancy. Organized during the nationwide fight against legal segregation, Freedom Incorporated slowly but powerfully led black Kansas City, proving that equality can be gained through the Political system.

Emiel Cleaver earned a B.A. in English Literature from Philander Smith College in 1994 and an M.A. in Liberal Studies Program with an emphasis in Film Production & Black Studies from University of Missouri Kansas City. Cleaver owns a production company, Davenport Media & Film, and has promoted concerts, organized special events and has directed several music videos, a short film, and several mini documentaries ranging from hip hop group Soul Servers to jazz legend Amahad Alaaden. In addition, Cleaver has compiled an impressive collection of music videos some of which can be seen on his Youtube channel.

Cleaver is currently working with as an independent contractor, videotaping special events for organizations throughout the Kansas City Metro area and completing Freedom Incorporated.

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