The Right thing to do: The Walker School Boycott – Trailer

Directed by Caitlin Horsmon

The Right thing to do: The Walker School Boycott tells the story of a groundbreaking civil rights case, Webb vs. School District 90 – a case that integrated schools in Merriam, Kansas 5 years before the Brown vs. Board of education decision. In the beginning parents and teachers were only working to end deplorable conditions in the black elementary school but in the end the case led to national school desegregation. In Merriam, Kansas they had raised enough public money to build a school – tax funds raised from all of the residents of the town, black and white, but flying in the face of state law wanted to make the new school whites only. At first only asking for ‘separate but equal’ treatment, the black families of South Park with their white allies grew so angry in the face of inequality, insulting offers, gerrymandering and outright intimidation that they made change happen.

Caitlin Horsmon is an award winning mediamaker and artist making films, videos and interactive works. Her films have screened around the world in diverse venues – from the Iowa City micro cinema to the Centre Pompidou. Her film Themes & Variations for the Naked Eye was selected as one of the 50 best avant-garde films & videos of the 2000’s by Nicole Brenez. The Collectif Jeune Cinéma in Paris distributes her work. Caitlin is Associate Professor of Film & Media Arts at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and is also a member of the Women & Gender Studies faculty. She continues to work on short experimental films and to expand her interests in using documentary as a way to encourage and support progressive political change.

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  1. Victoria Webb

    Hello. I am doing a project over this exact case. My grandmother is Mary Jane Webb and I would like to ask a few questions. Thank you.

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