We are Superman – Excerpt

Directed by Kevin Bryce
Produced by Christopher Cook

We Are Superman is a documentary that will take an in depth look at what it takes to transform a community that has suffered from disinvestment for 50 years.

Troost Avenue has historically been a racial and economic dividing line in Kansas City but there is a movement to erase that divide – movement of people who no longer believe it is up to an elected official to come and save them. On 31st and Troost there is a community of people who have stopped waiting on a superman and have recognized the superman in all of us.

They have a vision to transform the dividing line of Troost Avenue into a gathering place. It’s already beginning. People have begun to gather, but there is still a lot of work to do. This is the story of their work, their vision, and how one corner is transforming a city.

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